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The New Association Members Centre Opened 2nd June 2012

After successful discussions with the Allotment Trustees for the Labouring Poor we have completed the development of the old shed site. The Trustees are very supportive and without their assistance the Association would not have been able to continue. The new Member's Centre provides everything needed to give the Association a long future. [Extra storage, improved access and security, weather proof, toilet and running water, electricity etc.]

Many members know that at the end of 2011 we were victims of an arson attack and two subsequent burglaries. The shed was only minutes away from burning down and our losses were considerable from the intense heat of the fire and the water from the fire brigade hoses.  [In excess of £1500.] But we opened on schedule at the end of January with the annual focus on sorting the potato orders and the future is looking much brighter.

The building is now fully completed and well stocked. 



January 2012

The plans for the shed replacement have been approved by Mansfield & District Council and  can be viewed at:


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