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Mansfield & District Garden Holders Association Prices Feb 2013 All Prices Include Member's Discount and are subject to change

Prices are an Indication Only
We keep our prices very low. Membership is required to purchase
Pay us a visit to see current prices. Items change in relationship to the cost of new stock.
We add approximately 12% to the cost price and an additional 10% for loose items decanted from large bags.
All Prices Include Member's  Discount
Armillatox [No more available]£13.50 per ltr£7.00 per ½ltr[Dilutes 100 / 1]
Bone Meal£1.00  per kg.
Calcified Seaweed70p per kg
Canes 3' [split]2p each
Canes 3?8p each
Canes 4?18p each
Canes 5?20p each
Canes 6?23p each
Canes 8?37p each
Compost          Growell Multipurpose    Clover Multipurpose      Clover  Seed & Modular
                         Peat Free Multipurpose    Ericaceous Compost 

 Clover Multi £3.70 [60L] Clover Pro Seed & Modular £5.80 [80L]
Compost Maker£14.43 per bag65p per kg
Cropping Ring Pots35p each
Dried Blood£1.51 per kg.
Debris Netting90p per metre
Decorative Bark5.20
Enviro Mesh [Carrot Net]£2.10 per mtr 
Epsom Salts [Magnesium Sulphate]64p per kg
Ericaceous Compost

Farmyard Manure
4.00 [40L]

Fish, Blood & Bone£11.25 per bag50p per kg.
Fleece [3m wide]3M Wide 75p per mtr.1.5M Wide 43p per mtr
Garden Lime£4.05 per bag£0.18 per kg.
Glazing Clips "W" & "Z"£2.70 per pkt
Grass Seed -  £ per kg.  [5grms per sq.M]Front Lawn [Ornamental]£3.52Back Lawn [with rye]  £3.73
Ground CoverLight weight90p per mtr.Heavey Weight [2M]£1.20 per mtr.
Growbags£2.70 per bag
Growmore£15.45 per bag£0.69 per kg.
Groworganic Fertiliser  [40L]£5.70 per bag [40ltr]85p per bucket [5L]
Groworganic  [Chicken] Pellets£8.20 per bag46p per kg
Hanging Basket Liners14" £1.1016" £1.28
Hoof & Horn95p per kg.
Horticultural Grit£3.60 per bag[Only Available as a full bag]
Inserts10p half size30p full size
Jeyes Fluid£5.31 per ltr£2.82 per ½ltr[Dilute1 / 150]
Jiffy Pellets6p each
Lawn Sand£10.56 per bag£0.52 per kg.
Lawn Wd, Fd & Moss Killer£19.40 per bag£1.05 per kg.
Lawn Autumn & Winter  Feed£22.26 per bag£1.03  per kg.
Lawn Spring & Summer  Feed£20.86 per bag£1.00 per kg.
Maxi-Crop [Original & Plus Tom Fd]£3.40 per ltr£1.80 per ½ltr
Nitro Chalk85p per kg.
Onion Fertiliser 98p per kg
Perlite25p per ltr
Plant Pots - see separate list
Plant Labels  [4"]1p each
Potato Fertiliser £17.00 per bag76p  per kg.
Rock Dust£7.95 per bag45p per kg
 Rose Food80p per kg.
Seed TraysRidgid 57p eachLighterweight 23pInserts 30p11p ½ size
Seaweed Meal£1.20 per kg
Sharp Sand£3.40 per bag15p per kg
Silver Sand£3.55 per bag20p per kg
Slug Pellets£1.10 per 500g
Sulphate of Ammonia75p per kg
Sulphate of Potash£1.40 per kg
Superphosphate65p per kg
Veg Fertiliser£1.10 per kg
Vermiculite25p per ltr
Vitafeed 103
Vitafeed 214£4.06
Vitafeed 301£4.26


We are a "not for profit" Association. The above prices include member's10% discount. None members pay a surcharge for each visit.

The shed mark-up to members is approximately 12% and profits are used to buy more stock,

maintain and run the Association. All helpers are volunteers who give their time freely.

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