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Mansfield & District Garden Holder's Association has been in existence for two generations and has been a strong and popular organisation throughout its life. The up-serge in gardening and allotment ownership has resulted in the current membership being the largest on record, currently topping 460 members.

The Association aims to provide the local gardening community with quality horticultural products by purchasing supplies, on a cooperative basis, for the use of the members. The Members' Centre stocks fertiliser, seeds, compost, grow-bags, garden chemicals, lawn care products along with a wide variety of other products. 
 The Association also provides help and guidance on gardening matters with the Member's Centre acting as a focus for local gardeners to inform, educate and preserve gardening skills. The Association also advocates environmentally sustainable gardening whenever possible.

The Association functions as a cooperative and sells items to the members with approximately a nominal 12% mark up added to cover the operating and developing costs. 

Everyone who assists the Association does so as a volunteer and is motivated by providing a service for other gardeners.

A key feature of the Association is the ordering system available to members. We accept orders for late planting onions and garlic during July and August and potatoes during September, October and November. The combined bulk buying power results in seed being well below shop prices. 

During 2020 Corona Virus19 swept the country and the Association was unable to function from March because of a National Lockdown. The operation developed an Order and Collect system in September making it possible to provide a service to members once more. During October and early November work was undertaken to establish an online shop. Members are learning how to use the system as we move into the new normal way of working.

Smaller special orders are also accepted.

Let us know what you would like us to order and we will do our best.

Many items are sold by weight and so you can buy as much or as little as you like. 

Our local chippy [Dave's Place, Junction of Eakring Road and Violet Hill] supplies us with their empty potato bags. Support Dave because this recycling project provides us with most of our packaging.

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